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Upcoming Qualifiers

  • Dec 17th – INDIANA – eBash Terre Haute
  • Dec 17th – ILLINOIS – eBash Peoria
  • Dec 17th – NEW YORK – LAN Mob
  • Dec 17th – TEXAS – LFG Cybercafe
  • Dec 17th – NORTH DAKOTA – Section 9
  • Jan 14th – INDIANA – eBash Terre Haute
  • Jan 14th – ILLINOIS – eBash Peoria
  • Jan 14th – NEW YORK – LAN Mob
  • Jan 14th – NORTH DAKOTA – Section 9
  • Jan 14th – TEXAS – LFG Cybercafe
  • Jan 20th – TEXAS – LFG Cybercafe

WAN Tournament Dates

  • WAN Tournament #1 – January 7th, 2017
  • WAN Tournament #2 – January 27th, 2018



Each participating Zehn Center can host qualifying events at their location that will feed a single player/team into a larger WAN Tournament in the weeks following qualifiers.

Zehn WAN events are composed of a  player/team from each competing center in bracketed tournament against teams from other competing centers throughout a single day.

While matches take place between teams via the internet, the teams are all physically located at Zehn Centers around North America. There will be no players or teams playing from home or remote locations. We will be tracking IP address and other data to ensure that all players/teams are only playing from their local certified Zehn Center. 

Seeding for the WAN events will be based on the attendance of each locations qualifier attendance. (i.e. Center A has a qualifier with 20 participants then for the SAME WAN event Center B has a qualifier with 21 participants. Center B’s participant for that specific WAN event will receive a higher seed.)


1st Place – 80% of the Prize Pool; 2nd Place – 20% of the Prize Pool

  • If connection issues occur within the first thirty (30) seconds and/or before first player contact, the game should be ended. All players must leave the match to end the game. If connection issues occur after the first thirty (30) seconds and/or the first player contact, the match must be continued.
  • It is recommended that proof is taken with either built in recording system or other visibly clear method. All proof should be clearly visible and contain the game score and/or the issue in dispute.
  • Unless stated by a tournament official matches that have been played in their entirety will have their results stand as is. It is upon the discretion of officials if a completed match (ie a completed best of five) should be replayed.
  • Issues should be reported immediately. Any delay in reported issues to an official may result in previous matches results standing.
Rules and Settings
  • Best of 1
  • Server: 128 tick servers
  • Max Rounds: 30
  • Each Round in the bracket will be a different map.
    • Round 1:
      • de_inferno
    • Round 2:
      • de_mirage
    • Round 3:
      • de_cache
    • Round 4:
      • de_overpass
    • Round 5:
      • de_train
    • Losers Round 1:
      • de_cache
    • Losers Round 2:
      • de_overpass
    • Losers Round 3:
      • de_train
    • Losers Round 4:
      • de_inferno
    • Losers Round 5:
      • de_mirage
  • If a player drops the server will be paused at the end of the current round.
    • The waiting time for a dropped player is 15 minutes. If the player or a substitute rejoins the server and both teams are ready, the game can be resumed. In case the dropped player does not reconnect within 15 minutes and there should be no substitute available, the team must continue playing with one less player.
  • Server Settings
    • Round-time = 1:55 minutes
    • Freeze-time = 12 seconds
    • Buy-time = 20 seconds
    • C4 timer = 40 seconds
    • Overtime Money = $10,000
    • Overtime Rounds = 3 rounds per half
  • If you have a problem that prevents you from playing on, you are allowed to pause the game. You have to announce the reason before or immediately after you paused the game. Pausing the game without any reason will lead to penalties.
  • In general, all programs which are not part of the original game, including custom-data and modifications, are not allowed in any game. All external voice programs are allowed (e.g. Teamspeak, Ventrilo etc.). Scripts and changes to the game’s configuration are allowed, unless they are partly or completely forbidden by specific rules. Programs that provide an advantage during game play (e.g. drivers that allow the removing of walls) are forbidden. Any programs that change the game itself are forbidden.
  • In general, all scripts are illegal except for buy, toggle and demo scripts. Here are some examples for illegal scripts:
    • Jumpthrow
    • Stop shoot scripts (Use or AWP scripts)
    • Center view scripts
    • Turn scripts (180° or similar)
    • No recoil scripts
    • Burst fire scripts
    • Rate changers (Lag scripts)
    • FPS scripts
    • Anti-flash scripts or binding (snd_* bindings)
    • Bunny hop scripts
    • Stop sound scripts
  • Changing the game graphics or textures with the help of video card drivers or similar tools is illegal. Furthermore any kind of overlay that displays the system performance while playing (e.g. Nvidia SLI Display, Rivatuner Overlays) is illegal. Tools that only display the FPS are legal.
  • Bugs and forbidden actions
    • Allowed are all weapons that can be found on the map including grenades. 
    • Pistols, zeus, grenades and the knife can be used.
    • The usage of the Negev is forbidden.
    • To plant the bomb in a way that it cannot be reached anymore is forbidden. Places that can be reached with the help of a team mate are allowed. Violating this rule will result in the deduction of 3 rounds.
    • Climbing with the help of team mates is in general allowed. Not allowed are positions where textures disappear in walls or grounds if a special movement (e.g. a jump) is required.
      Boosting through walls, ceilings or the ground, invisible pixels or surfaces, sky walking, map swimming, floating and sharking are all forbidden.
    • Throwing grenades inside walls is not allowed. Throwing them above walls and roofs is allowed.
    • The use of bugs is in general not allowed. Should a bug that is not listed be used, an admin will decide if a penalty is necessary.